FREE books for children in our massive giveaway

FREE books for children in our massive giveaway

FREE books for children in our massive giveaway

Here at The Little Black & White Book Project we believe in giving.

*****Applications are now closed for 2020*****
We will be launching phase 2 in spring 2021! Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.
We already donate 25% of profits to wildlife charities but we are also very passionate about fostering a love of reading from an early age.
Business is rarely a smooth, linear path and along the way there's always a few curve balls to navigate. This year we had a rather large bump in the road with our printer and found that a large proportion of our latest order wasn't in a condition we felt comfortable to sell. Don't worry, they are replacing it all so we're ok!
We strive to make sure every product that is dispatched is as perfect as it can be as we know how disappointing it is when something doesn't hit the mark. After all you've voted with your hard earned money to support us so what you receive in return should be of the highest quality!
So we find ourselves with rather a lot of boxes of stock that isn't quite perfect. There is slight damage to the spines or the corners where they haven't been cut properly or the odd glue mark on the cover. None of which detracts from the use of the book in any way and they are still capable of providing endless hours of pleasure for little ones and adults too!
We could sell them in a 'seconds sale', which we do occasionally, but wouldn't it be so much nicer if they could help spread some joy instead? 
baby with board book

Apply for a donation 

Click here to apply now

We are proud to launch our book donation campaign where you as a charity or organisation can apply for free books! All you need to do is follow the link to the form, fill out your details and we will allocate our books based on who we feel will benefit the most. Priority will be given to registered charities but nurseries, day care, playgroups, play cafes, co-working spaces, child minders, baby groups and more are also very welcome to apply for some books to support the children they provide services for.
The only thing you will be asked to pay for is the shipping costs, which will be agreed and paid upfront if your application is successful. The full terms can be found on the form when you click the link above.
We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our love of books!
baby board books


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