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Helping your baby get a great start shouldn't be rocket science. We've done the research so all you need to do is enjoy some special time with your new little arrival. 

Add some no-pressure sensory play to your day with our range of high contrast books and gifts, designed to support your baby's visual development from day one up to preschool and beyond!

We design gifts that last more than the usual few months, so why not cut through the baby clutter and foster a love of wildlife that will stay with your little ones as they grow and learn about our amazing planet.

Animals and wildlife are at the heart of the range so they make the perfect gifts for nature lovers, inspiring the next generation to love our planet as much as you do.

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The benefits of sensory play

Have you heard a lot about sensory play and you are curious as to why people talk about it so much? Well, it's really not that complicated to be honest. Sensory play is activities that stimulate all of a child's senses, usually not all at the same time but honing in on one or two in a specific activity.

If you know how sensory play can help and which senses you want to concentrate on, it can help to think about what you have at home that you can dial up to further support your baby or toddler's development.

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5 things sensory play is helpful for

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