Paper pumpkins for a more sustainable Halloween

Paper pumpkins for a more sustainable Halloween

Paper pumpkins for a more sustainable Halloween

Can't be doing with the faff of the real deal? Want to make a pumpkin display without the mess or the cost? Want to recycle and resuse?
We've got the perfect make for you and your little one to add some paper pumpkins to their sensory play!


Click here to download the templates


What you need

• Printer
• Scrap paper
• Scissors
• Glue or tape
• Optional battery tea lights


How to make a paper pumpkin


Print out the templates. Cut around the outside black line and the edges of the stalk.

Paper pumpkin template Paper pumpkin template   Paper pumpkin template


Fold along each of the lines in turn and open back out again. Turn the pumpkin over and repeat the folds.


Then stick the numbered tabs together, sticking 1-1, 2-2 and so on. I use double sided tape as I think it works best but you could use sticky tape or glue.


Once all of the tabs are stuck, gently manipulate the folds to create a pumpkin shape. Pinch at the top and make some of the folds go in, some point out.


Fold the stalk in half, stick together and then attach the stalk to the top.


Add to tummy time for something fun for your baby to play with or add a battery tea light to make a fun display.



Use the blank template to make more pumpkins out of scrap paper and have fun decorating them!

Fold any piece of paper into 4. Put the correct sized template into the folded corner and draw around.

Cut around the template but not all the way, you need to leave a join at the top indicated by the grey area on the template. Otherwise your pumpkin sides won't be joined together.

Fold up and stick together as outlined above to make paper pumpkins of any size, recycling paper as you go! 

Happy halloween!




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