Easy Christmas crafts for toddlers

Easy Christmas crafts for toddlers

Easy Christmas crafts for toddlers
We've had a blast getting stuck in to some super easy (although sometimes messy!) festive arts and crafts projects. 
Here's 3 simple things to have a go with your little artists this holiday season.

1. Potato printing

Yep. Good old fashioned potato printing! We drew the outline of a Christmas tree in marker pen then carefully carved some triangle shapes into some old potatoes we weren't going to eat. Dip into some paint and dab onto the tree template to make your own Christmas tree. You could add decorations with other shaped stamps or finger/hand prints. Messy but lots of fun!
 potato stamp  potato stamp  potato printing art  finger painting

2. Wax paintings 

Watch your little one be amazed by the magic picture emerging as they paint the page! Simply use a white crayon or white candle to draw some festive pictures - we went for a snowman and a tree again - onto your paper. Then invite your toddler to add lots of paint to the page where you gave just drawn in wax. (water colours work best for this or water down any other paints) Where the wax is on the page the paint won't stick and the illustration will be revealed. A fun way to make the most of their mark making at this age. I added some detail with a black biro once dry.
crayon and candle  candle drawing  crayon drawing  painting with water colour  painting with water colour  snowman  Christmas tree

3. Reindeer hand prints

This is super cute for children and grown ups, you could make a whole family herd of reindeer! All you need to do is make some handprints using brown paint and wait for them to dry. You can add a red finger print for a nose and two white ones for eyes, add a little black pen to enhance the features and you've got yourself a Rudolf!
hand painting  hand painting  mesy hands  drawing with red pen  reindeer handprints
There you go! Fun for grown ups and definitely messy fun for little ones of all ages. The great thing about these crafts is they don't require staying in the lines or being neat and precise - which just isn't developmentally where they are at anyway. But you can help them create some Christmas artwork you will all be proud of.
Have a go and don't forget to share with us your masterpiece creations!

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