How to have a more sustainable Christmas

How to have a more sustainable Christmas

How to have a more sustainable Christmas
Ok ok so no one wants to be the fun police at a particularly festive time of year. Plus, time is at a premium so we get it if you don't want to delve into the craft box to make your own decorations and all that jazz.
But, the thing is here in the UK the waste doesn't half pile up at this time of year. Here's some top level stats thanks to ChatGPT;
• The UK produces an estimated 277,000 tons of packaging waste during the Christmas period. Mostly single use plastic.
• Approx 108 million rolls of wrapping paper are used each year resulting in around 227,000 miles of paper waste - enough to wrap around the equator 9 times!
• The UK throws away around 270,000 tons of food waste, the equivalent to 74 million mince pies.
• Over 114,000 tons of plastic waste is accumulated during Christmas including toys, decorations and packaging.

Well that was a buzz kill if ever I read one

Sorry for the shocking facts but maybe we need to read them to be motivated to make some small changes in our own traditions. Don't worry! We have some suggestions on how you can make the season easier on the environment and kinder to the planet as a whole.

1. Make sure your wrapping paper is recyclable

Most are not. Especially if you use plastic tape. Invest in some paper tape like washi or brown tape and avoid foils, metallics and glitter. Opting for more natural finishes ensures that you can pop it in your recycling after the big day.

2. Buy second hand

Personally I love a rummage in a charity shop but if you don't have the time for that or don't want to chance it, plan ahead and use apps like eBay and Vinted. You will be surprised what you can give a new home to for the fraction of the price of buying new. And it stops unwanted gifts and toys going to landfill.

3. Choose plastic free packaging when shopping online

There are plenty of online retailers like us that have ditched the plastic packaging. If it's not obvious from the website ask the question. Let's make sure our deliveries turn up in recyclable packaging.

4. Buy or make paper based decorations or borrow from nature

Let go of the insta perfect Christmas theme and embrace a bit of DIY, get the kids involved, forage for pine cones and dried flowers. Make paper chains and garlands, draw on windows with Posca pens. Reuse decorations from past years and revamp with ribbon, paint and imagination. 

5. Plan ahead as much as you can

Especially to cut down on your food waste. We all over indulge at Christmas, it's part of the culture but a bit of meal planning can help cut back on what you might end up throwing away because you bought it just in case. 
Do you have any other good tips to share to help make Christmas a bit more sustainable? Drop us an email or message on our socials.
Most importantly, spread love and cheer and make memories not more rubbish for landfill.


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