Our interview with Elizabeth Eve London

Our interview with Elizabeth Eve London

Our interview with Elizabeth Eve London

We recently spoke to one of our online partners, Elizabeth Eve London about the business and our journey so far.

Elizabeth Eve curate beautiful and thoughtful care and gift packages for new parents as well as brides and grooms. Beth launched her business on the back of feeling like there was no one place she could visit to buy "...something unique, something with gifts for the parents as well as the baby (parents need gifts too!), something with a gift message and something gender neutral for the new baby." 

We love collaborating with other small businesses who share our beliefs and are super proud that our books are included in Elizabeth Eve's gift boxes. Contributing to a blog article also helps me realise just how far we have come and why it all started...and most importantly, the final question, where are we going?

What’s next for The Little Black and White Book Project?

My dream is that owning one of my books becomes a rite of passage to welcome every little new person into the world. One of those go-to gifts like Sophie Giraffe or a Jellycat toy. I want to capture imaginations from as early as possible so children grow up knowing bout all of the amazing and wonderful animals they share planet earth with. I know it will take me a long time to get to be one of the best selling baby brands, if not THE best selling black and white brand, but one has to dream big. I know it'll all be worth it in the long run.


You can read the full interview on the Elizabeth Eve London blog.


Beth from Elizabeth Eve London


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