Striving for sustainable packaging

Striving for sustainable packaging

Striving for sustainable packaging

Plastic free and planet friendly

I'm going to write this tentatively...but I am pretty sure all of our packaging is now plastic free! Hurrah!

I say write tentatively because making blanket statements on the internet has the habit of coming back to bite you when someone spots an oversight somewhere!

But it is an area I've worked hard on. I've moved production for flash cards to the UK so they no longer have a plastic shrink wrap around them, and my printer has worked hard to minimise glue utilising clever origami. 

Gift wrap uses recyclable paper, paper tape and fabric ribbon.


Mailers are all cardboard, up to eco credentials and I never wrap in those horrible plastic envelopes. 

If you look for this stuff its there, it's just a case of cutting through the green washing and making a commitment to sourcing wisely.

Consumer vs wholesale

That's the B2C side but I also have a big wholesale arm to the business which is a bit tricker. 99% of the time, I reuse packaging that I've had a delivery with, I rarely if ever buy large boxes to use for these orders.

It means our loft room is a bit over flowing with flat boxes! But I just can't bring myself to throw them away when they are still so useful...AND orders come in all shapes and sizes so I like to have a range of capacities. How annoying is it when you get a huge box for a tiny item?!!! (Pointing fingers at you Amazon)

I usually pop on a sticker saying 'excuse my appearance but I am reused' so customers know it's not something shady turning up at their door. But it's not always the most professional impression...a reused box for an order.


A solution you say? Tell me more

I was SO excited when I discovered Sticker Mule customisable tape, as this means my recycled boxes can now be on brand. Gone are the days in having to use half a roll of paper tape to secure them. I now have beautiful (even if I do say so myself) eco friendly but super secure paper tape with my animals and logo plastered on it to seal up those orders and keep them looking sharp.


They're the sort of things that add secret value to your brand and I've wanted some customised packing tape for ages. But it's always been so spendy, I couldn't justify it. After all, does is add that much tangible value?

Now I've got some and I've seen it for myself I am totally sold on it. It makes my wholesale offering more professional whilst also maintaining my sustainability and planet friendly policies. What's even nicer is that Sticker Mule make it way more affordable than any other tape I have seen. I haven't had to buy enough to wrap around the earth 10 times due their low MOQ and it was super easy to design myself using their templates.


So I am well sold and converted to using this super strong eco friendly paper tape to add a bit of custom pizazz to my orders and make sure everyone knows who the random, recycled box of goodies is from!






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