BINGO! It's nearly Christmas

BINGO! It's nearly Christmas

BINGO! It's nearly Christmas
Who doesn't love aboard game at Christmas? Well we certainly do and our Bingo game full of wintery themed animals is a great one for those days you want to hunker down with a hot chocolate and banish the winter blues.

Click here to download the board and dice

Bingo game
Things you need:
• Some lego or coins or anything you can place on each tile (or you could mark them with a pen, it just means you will find it hard to reuse the board)
• A board for each player
• The two dice in the template
 How to play:
Give each player a board, and don't forget to put your name on it! Also get your counters ready to cover up the squares.
Each player takes it in turn to roll both dice. Cover up/mark off the animals that appear on the dice. The winner is the first person to fill their bingo card and cover/mark off all of the animals. It gets harder the more your board fills up and it becomes a race to the finish.
Make it more against the clock!
dice template  bingo boards
Bingo game
Animals in the game are penguin, robin, snowy owl, arctic fox, polar bear, partridge, reindeer.
Let us know what you use that you can find at home! PLEASE do not leave small children unsupervised with small objects they could put in their mouth.

 Find our original version of beastly bingo here

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