Fantastic finger puppets

Fantastic finger puppets

Fantastic finger puppets
Who's little one wouldn't want 5 new little friends to talk to at their finger tips? I know our 3 year old is in this phase at the moment, where we have to converse through all of his toys and he has an extra special attachment to any hand or finger puppets!
Hopefully your little ones will have fun with them too, they're really simple to make.
What you need
• A pair of scissors
• Some glue (Prittstick or PVA)

Click here to download the templates

finger puppet templates

Here's what to do to make them into puppets

finger puppet template  finger puppet template  finger puppets cut out
First, print out the template and cut around all of the animals along the dotted line. You need to leave the space around them here so they are not too small when you come to glue. Don't cut along the top, you'll need to fold them in two.
finger puppet close up  gluing   
back of finger puppet  finger puppet
Fold each one across the top, add a little glue just down the sides and stick them together. Don't worry about any bits of paper that don't perfectly match up, you can trim any excess once it is stuck together and the glue has dried.
finger puppet  
 Once the glue has dried, you might need to use something like the end of your closed scissors to expand the gap that your finger goes into.
finger puppets on fingers  
And you're ready to bring them to life on your fingers! 
Note: These are designed for little fingers (I have very small hands!) If you'd like to make them bigger, print the template at 110% or 120% in your printer settings.
 You could also colour them in to make them your own!
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