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Giraffes and elephants (snakes and ladders game)

Another reinvention of an old classic, but many of these simple games are great for toddlers and pre-schoolers. They help with patience, counting, learning rules and instructions. And hopefully it gets your little ones to sit still for a while too!
As with a lot of our games this one would be great for playing over a video call too! 

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snakes and ladders game

All you have to do is print out the board, you can make up our dice template and playing counters or you can use some of your own. And you're ready to play.
Take it in turns to throw the dice. When you land on a giraffe, you get to climb up it's neck. When you land on an elephant, you have to slide all the way down again.
The winner is the first one to reach 25!
Happy playing and don't forget to share. 
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