Summer read-along with See What I Can Do by Jon Roberts

Summer read-along with See What I Can Do by Jon Roberts

Summer read-along with See What I Can Do by Jon Roberts
In our summer read-along series we are swapping books with some of the UK's brilliant children's book authors to help share their work and bring some fun to the holidays.
You can find all of the episodes over on Instagram under @the_little_bw_book_project. Please follow and like the authors featured in each video.

See What I Can Do by Jon Roberts

This is a beautiful book written to celebrate, support and inform about children with different abilities and conditions that set them apart from their peers. It is a collection of beautiful stories about topics such as ADHD, autism, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, dyslexia and more.
It's informative, sensitive and celebratory and as a parent I have found it very helpful to also learn about all the different terms and diagnosis descriptions in each of the stories,
The illustrations are beautiful and the book has such a lovely feel to it. We will definitely be buying a copy to keep in our permanent collection as it will be such a great read to keep coming back to with both of our children as they enter into school life and meet children with a wide range of abilities that will differ from their own. A book like this is such a super tool to help have positive conversations around differences and help children understand a bit more about what might be going on inside other people's bodies, or their own if they relate the stories on a more personal level.
We really enjoyed reading this and our 4 year old was very engaged, asked lots of questions and enjoyed the illustrations very much. Such an uplifting and celebratory book!
See what I can do spread  See what I can do spread  See what I can do spread
See what I can do spread  See what I can do spread
Written by Jon Roberts
Illustrated by Hannah Rounding

About the author

on Roberts works in IT and lives in Swansea with his wife Sarah and daughter Kya.

Jon published his first book Through the Eyes of Me in August 2017 as a dedication to his 4-year-old daughter, Kya, who had been diagnosed with severe autism.
His second book, Through the Eyes of Us, published in August 2019, focusing on Kya's relationship with her friend Martha, also on the autistic spectrum.
Jon's third book, See What I Can Do! is gently-told but immensely informative picture book. Jon Roberts tells the stories of a number of children with a variety of differences inspired by the real-life experiences of his daughter, Kya who is on the autistic spectrum, and some of her friends.
You can buy the book on Amazon
You can follow Jon on Twitter here @strawberryasd
You can follow Jon on Instagram @jonroberts24
You can learn more on the website

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