Summer read-along with The Little Paws Hotel - Gus, by Clare Luther

Summer read-along with The Little Paws Hotel - Gus, by Clare Luther

Summer read-along with The Little Paws Hotel - Gus, by Clare Luther
In our summer read-along series we are swapping books with some of the UK's brilliant children's book authors to help share their work and bring some fun to the holidays.
You can find all of the episodes over on Instagram under @the_little_bw_book_project. Please follow and like the authors featured in each video.

 The Little Paws Hotel - Gus

This book is about a group of dogs who are going on an outing to the beach. Gus, however, is not excited and is very anxious of setting his paws down on the sand. So much so that he won't get out of the car!
After watching his friends have fun running around by the sea he is eventually coaxed out of the car and in the throw of a ball has suddenly forgotten his apprehensions and is having a great time with his fellow doggies.
The Little Paws Hotel series is written to talk to children about some more serious topics but in a gentle and non confrontational way. This book about Gus helps to open up conversations about anxious feelings in new situations when we convince ourselves we are not going to have a good time. But then showing what happens when we can overcome our fears.
Our 4 year old really loved this book and we were able to talk about how we feel when we go into a new situation. That it is ok to feel a bit wobbly and unsure but often when we join in it's lots of fun and we forget about what was making us scared in the first place.
The illustrations by Maria Floyd are super cute and bring the story to life, showing all of the dogs frolicking at the seaside!
little paws gus  little paws gus  little paws gus
little paws gus  little paws gus  little paws gus

About the author

London based Clare Luther, published under Head 2 Heart Books, worked as an Occupational Therapist (OT) and as a Life Coach, both in the public and private sector until 2013. Having held a passion for poetry writing since her teenage years, she now spends her time running a dachshund hotel and writing.
The Little Paws Hotel series offers children useful ways to think their emotions through and get conversations started, helping little ones to explore their thoughts and feelings,

Aimed at children 3 - 8 years old. 
You can buy direct at

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