Summer read-along with Nurse Bear by Marta Almansa Esteva

Summer read-along with Nurse Bear by Marta Almansa Esteva

Summer read-along with Nurse Bear by Marta Almansa Esteva
In our summer read-along series we are swapping books with some of the UK's brilliant children's book authors to help share their work and bring some fun to the holidays.
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 Nurse Bear Does First Aid 

 Nurse Bear Does First Aid is a fantastic introduction for children to first aid and what to do in an emergency. It can be a daunting subject that may feel scary to talk about but it could actually make all the difference in an emergency situation if your little one's know what to do. Children with first aid skills are potential life-savers.

But fear not, this is not a graphic, detailed look at what happens when someone gets hurt at all. It's a lovely gentle way of talking about cuts, burns and bumps and what your child might be able to do to help in the moment.

It also covers what to do in a bigger emergency explaining how to dial 999 for an ambulance and has space to write down an address or location.
The characters are super cute and bring some fun to an otherwise serious subject and also help introduce other medical professionals that work alongside nurses in the hospital, clinic or on the front line.
If you're looking for a book to help talk about what to do if someone gets hurt this is a brilliant story that makes it approachable and non-scary and will help empower little people to take the best action if they are required to.
nurse bear does first aid  nurse bear does first aid  
nurse bear does first aid  nurse bear does first aid

About the Author 

Marta Almansa Esteva is a Spanish mother of one and a paediatric nurse in the United Kingdom. Marta is passionate about babies, children and families. She finds her happiness in motherhood, supporting families during their most challenging times and creating educational and fun books for little ones. She is the author of health-related and bilingual children's books in 5 languages.
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