Introducing #thebwbclub to share some love with mums everywhere

Introducing #thebwbclub to share some love with mums everywhere

Introducing #thebwbclub to share some love with mums everywhere

I've introduced a new giveaway feature over on our instagram feed. Every month I will ask followers to tag a mum in the comments on the designated post in recognition of the great work they are doing raising little people. 

Mums supporting mums

I am a big believer in women supporting women and mothers supporting other mothers and we wanted to do something in the spirit of raising awareness around maternal mental health and post natal depression. Being around babies all day is hard, no matter how much you love them which is why I wanted to create an opportunity for friends and family to give a mum they know a virtual high five.

Monthly giveaway

It's a great fit with our black and white baby books and flash cards as these are tools to help parents interact with their kids, especially in those early days. So we will pick a 'product of the month' that one lucky mum will be gifted from a prize draw. This month is Amazing Animals of Southeast Asia board book.

southeast asia baby book


Look for the post each month tagged #thebwbclub and make sure to get your nomination in by tagging a mum in the comments. I want the black and white book club to send out happy vibes to mums everywhere because you're all doing an amazing job.

Simply click here to head over to the post on our Instagram feed and don't forget to follow @the_little_bw_book_project 

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