Play to your strengths

In every business there’s the bits we like and the bits we don’t and sometimes it’s quite nice to give yourself a little pat on the back for what you’re good at.

Well, for me, the business is all about the animals. I love drawing them and once I have them I can apply them to pretty much any format. Each time I create a new batch of furry, feathered, scaly friends they give me lots of new ideas on where they can live and come to life. 

Flexible artwork

Latest creations include wall prints as these are super flexible and a place for lots of my ideas to live. My goal is to be able to screen print my own at some point although that's a while off whilst we sort out our house which is a bit of a project to put it kindly. But one day maybe a garden studio with a little print table would be grand.⁣ I haven’t screen printed since my uni days but I did use to love it and it has an unrivalled quality to the finish. Being hands on in the making would be so nice as at the moment, most of our products are made by third party experts.

The beauty of using animals at the heart of the brand, apart from inspiring kids about the amazingness of nature, is that there are just so many. Mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, fish…millions of possibilities, each special and interesting in their own right.

Inspiring not obscure

I realise there has to be a balance of what is interesting to me and interesting to the wider audience however, but I do like mixing each topic up with old favourites and species much lesser known. This is a good election of the wild where they all live alongside each other in their own little ecosystems.
The animals will always be at the heart of what I do as I want children everywhere to fall in love with wildlife from as early an age as possible.⁣⠀
black and white animals

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