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Make your own African animal masks

Download, print and have fun with our cut-out and play animal masks. The first collection features 4 animals found in Africa.
This craft session is designed to be done with supervision of an adult.
What you'll need:
• Scissors
• Some thin cardboard - such as a cereal box
• Some glue
• Some sticky tape
• A small blob of blue tack or playdough
• Some string or ribbon / stick from the garden or extra strip of card
• A sharp pencil
Optional - colouring crayons

Click here to download the masks

How to make a mask
First print our the design you like, or print all of them at the same time! Make sure your printer is set to print a full A4 page. Then carefully cut out around the dotted line (might need an adult's help here) to remove excess paper.
Next cover the back in glue and stick it to the cardboard. Press it down well and then cut it out again. You can stick the whole page down first so you only have to cut out once if you find it easier, or you don't need to use any cardboard at all if you print onto thick paper or card!
Then take the sharp pencil and the blue tack. Place the blue tack underneath the first eye. Push the pencil through the eye into the blue tack. Give it a wiggle to make the hole bigger. Repeat on the other side being careful with your fingers!
Next, measure a piece of string or ribbon around your head, leaving a little extra to be able to tie it.  You can use the pencil to make holes on either side to attach one end to each side or you can just use sticky tape instead. Cut the string or ribbon in half so it's ready to tie around your head.
*Alternatively - you could find an old lolly stick or stick from the garden, or even a spare piece of cardboard to attach at the bottom of the mask so you can hold it up to your face instead. This might be easier for little fingers to enjoy!
And you're done! If you'd like to customise your mask get colouring or even sticking some decorations on the front to make it extra special.
Don't forget to share!
We'd really love to see your creations so do send us your photos at or tag them on any social media platform with the hashtag #thebwbproject
Children should be supervised during the making of these masks and during use if you are using anything that could slip around their neck such as string.
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