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Make your own penguin skittles

A really simple make using one print out and a few bits from your recycling box! Some good old fashioned fun in creating your own little skittle alley at home with the kids. Great for older children to make themselves, challenge each other and make up their own rules. Or, help your littler ones with practice with co-ordination and motor skills as they enjoy knocking them down.
This craft session is designed to be done with supervision of an adult.
What you'll need:
• Print out of the template
• Scissors
• Glue or tape (or even bluetack!)
• 6 toilet roll tubes or a few longer tubes cut into equal lengths
• A ball or scrunched up piece of paper

Click here to download the penguins

penguin skittles materials  
How to make a set of skittles
First download and print out the sheet with 6 penguins. Make sure your printer is set to print a full A4 page. Then carefully cut out around the dotted line (might need an adult's help here) to remove excess paper.
cutting out penguins  6 paper penguins
Take 6 empty toilet roll tubes - you could use longer tubes, such as kitchen roll tubes and cut them down or maybe even plastic bottles. If you don't have any toilet roll tubes to hand, raid the recycling box to see what could work!
Stick one penguin on to each tube. you won't need to glue all the way to the top as their heads will poke just above the top of the tube.
applying glue to paper  sticking paper together
When all of your penguins are stuck onto a tube (or similar) you're done and ready to play!
penguins on tubes
To play:
Simply line up the penguins in a 'V' formation, 3 at the back, 2 in the middle, 1 at the front. Take a ball or even a screwed up piece of paper, stand back, roll it towards the skittles and see how many you can knock down.
 penguin skittles  penguin skittles  penguin skittles
 Have fun experimenting with all different things to knock down the skittles. We tried balls, conkers, beanbags and scrunched up paper. What will you find that's fun? You could also make up your own rules, play against each other or on your own. There's lots of possibilities.
penguin skittles and balls
Don't forget to share!
We'd really love to see your creations so do send us your photos at or tag them on any social media platform with the hashtag #thebwbproject
Children should be supervised during the making of these skittles and during use.
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