Animal antics board game extension

Animal antics board game extension

Animal antics board game extension

Our wee man LOVES the original board game. We have played it so much including over Facetime with his Grandparents and his Uncle in Australia!
So I thought I would add a bit more fun and create an extension to the original board. 15 more spaces to complete and lots more animal fun to be had, it should hopefully keep the kids amused for that little bit longer!
All you need to do is download the file, print it out and cut along the dotted line and around tile 27. Then the two boards should slot together.

Click here to download the new board


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(Ignore the little extra cut out bit underneath '27'...I made a mistake but didn't want to waste paper printing it again. D'oh!)


I've added a new rule for this one (if you weren't already playing in) All players must roll exactly the correct number at the end to win. This should make it a race to the end but the luck of the dice to decide the winner. 
Haven't got the original yet? Don't worry, just follow the link to get the first board, the playing counters and a dice template.

click here to visit the original blog post and get the first board


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