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Winged wonders to race through the skies

Here's a great, fun little game to utilise some of those old toilet roll tubes. Make up our bird templates and then race them through the skies to see who can fly the fastest.

 Click here to download the birds

What you will need
• A print out of one or all of the birds
• A toilet roll tube for each bird
• Some glue or tape
• Some scissors
• Some string, wool or twine
 make some flying birds
What to do
bird templates  bird templates cut out
Print out the birds an cut them out around the dotted line. For each bird you should have a body and a set of wings. Make sure the wings stay joined in the middle!b You could absolutely colour them in and decorate them if you wish.
 bird on loo roll  bird on loo roll
Take one bird body. Put some glue on the underside, in between the two body shapes. Place it on top of a toilet roll tube and bend it around the sides.
wings of bird  wings of bird  wings of bird
Put a little glue underneath the wings in the middle, where there's no pattern. Stick the wings on top of the bird body, roughly in the middle, and bend around the sides. You might want to fold them back on themselves slightly so they stay sticking out to the sides. 
3 paper birds
 Repeat with the other birds and tubes if you would like to.
 back of door  string over door
Take your string - you'll need a piece for each bird. Using a door, tie one end around a stick, a kitchen roll tube, a box...anything to hand. Take the string over the top of the door and close it, leaving the item you've tied it to on the other side. You should be able to pull the string tight without it coming through the door. - Essentially, you need to secure the string at one end on to something up high. You can do this any way you can.
holding string  boy with dad and string  birds on string
 Put the tube on the string. One person will need to move it to the top of one end, whilst the other holds the string tight, close to the floor/low down. 
 birds flying down string  birds flying towards boy
 Then let go of the bird on the tube and it should 'fly' down the string. 
 It's fun to do this with a few people so you can race the birds down the string and see who's flies the fastest! You can also experiment with what happens when you hold the string at different heights and angles. Do the birds speed up or slow down? 
Our little man also enjoyed playing with the birds off the strings, running around and making them fly through the air.
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