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Animal alphabet cards

Our three year old is very much into his alphabet and learning his letters at the moment. So I thought it would be fun and hopefully useful to create a little set of my animal alphabet letters to use in whatever way you like!

Click here to download the letter cards

Simply print out the pages of letters and cut them out. There are a set of big letters and little ones and you really can use them in any way your little ones will engage.
letters template  cut out letters  stack of letter cards
Here's some ideas to get you started...
• Shuffle them up and get them to put them in alphabetical order - a bit like a jigsaw
• Pairs game - Turn them all face down (or just choose a smaller amount, say 10 letters) turn two cards up at a time, searching for a matching pair of big and little letter. This is a good one for memory too!
• Spell short words such as hat, box, dog etc
• Do a letter treasure hunt around the house
• Count of how many words you can think of starting with each letter
• Copy the letters using a crayon and paper
boy with letters  boy with letters boy with letters  
boy with letters  boy with letters
I am sure there's tons of others you could think of and we would love to know!
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