Wild windmills

Wild windmills

Wild windmills
Here's a lovely little activity to do with or for your kids, especially as it has been a little breezy of late. Our set of wild paper windmills!  

Click here to download your windmill templates

What you'll need
• Print out of the templates
• Scissors
• Glue or tape
• A drawing pin - preferably one that has a long bit to push (not flat)
• Colouring pencils/pens/crayons
• A stick, cardboard tube or piece of cardboard
windmill making kit
How to make a windmill


windmill cut out  cutting out a windmill  cutting out a windmill

Cut around the outside edge of the template so you have a square. Then carefully cut half way along each diagonal line - follows the dashes. IMPORTANT - don't cut further than about half way towards the middle otherwise you'll have a floppy windmill!


edge of windmill  gluing the windmill  middle of windmill

Following the numbers 1-4 as a guide, glue every other corner/point into the center. You should only need to glue 4 bits, and this will form the windmill blades.You can put an extra circle of paper over the top of all 4 points in the middle for extra strength if you like.


drawing pin  pin in stick  paper windmill

Carefully push your drawing pin through the middle of the windmill and then into the stick. If it comes all the way through then put a little tape or bluetak over the sharp bit to protect little one's fingers. Note - leave a little space between the paper and the stick to give the windmill space to rotate. If it's pushed in too far it won't spin!


paper windmills

And you're ready to take them for a spin! You can colour them in and decorate them how you like. Anything stick like can work as the windmill handle - an actual stick from outside, bamboo, a cardboard tube or even some rolled up cardboard.


design your own windmill 

There's also a very special template left blank for you to design your own! 




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