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Froggie fortune teller

Do you remember these from your school days? I do...putting in boy's names or your favourite colour trying to predict what would happen when you grew up. Why on earth did a 9 year old care back then? 
Anyway as a blast from the past this little make uses that good old fortune teller origami but with a new twist where we are going to make it into a frog! It's pretty simple and once you've got the knack you'll be making loads ;) 
fortune teller template

Click here to download the template 

How to fold the frog
 fortune teller template  fortune teller cut out 
 fortune teller back  fortune teller folded
Print out the template and cut along the dotted line to make a square. Fold it in half, un-do and then fold in half the other way. This will give you the centre point of the page to work to.
 fortune teller folded  fortune teller folded
With the frog design face down, fold each corner into the centre. 
 fortune teller folded  fortune teller folded 
 fortune teller folded  fortune teller folded
Flip it over and repeat with the 4 corners again. Fold in half one way and then the other to loosen the creases.
fortune teller on hand  fortune teller folded
Tease open the holes at the back to fit your fingers in.
fortune teller unfolded  fortune teller folded  fortune teller folded
Optional - unfold the whole thing and cut around the frog features. Fold back up and add some glue on the flaps between the two eyes and the tongue. This will mean you can only open your frog one way and might make it a little easier for little fingers.
  fortune teller  fortune teller
 Game - screw up some small pieces of left over paper and see if you can catch them in the frog's mouth.