Animal spinners

Animal spinners

Animal spinners
Here's a lovely little activity to help encourage some fine motor skill practice as well as the ability to match up pictures...or make your own funny animal hybrids!

Click here to download the print out (pdf file)


What you need 

A few toilet roll tubes
Glue or tape

How to make a spinner 

Take your print out and cut along the line marked 'A' to detach from the instruction sheet. Then cut along the horizontal lines to trim off the excess paper above and below the animals.
animal spinners   animal spinners   animal spinners
Next, make 2 more cuts along the two lines that run directly through the animals.
animal spinners  animal spinners   
You should have 3 strips of paper that look like this...
 animal spinners
Then, take a toilet roll tube and the strip of paper with the heads of the animals on. Wrap it around and tape or glue in place.
animal spinners  animal spinners
Repeat with the other two strips making sure to put them in the correct order!
animal spinners
TIP: Don't wrap them super tight, make sure you can move them around the tube fairly easily.
You're ready to play! Your child might find it easiest to put their fingers in one end of the tube to hold it whilst they move the paper rings around to try and match up the animals.
animal spinners   animal spinners
Once you've made one, why not try the other designs on page 2 of the download!
animal spinners
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