Moving mini beasts

Moving mini beasts

Moving mini beasts

Make your on moving, hopping, jumping mini beasts! 

These are super simple to make and great for keeping little fingers amused. You can even race them if you like! All you need is a printer and a pair of scissors.


Click here to download your templates


templates of bugs to cut out  scissors and a cut out ladybird template



  Fold the back flap of the bug twice to create a concertina shape. 

close up of paper folding bugfolded paper ladybird close up
Fold it backwards first, and then forwards half way down on the line.
close up of paper bug legs  close up of paper bug
Do the same with each leg but in the opposite direction. 
close up of folded paper bumblebee
Fold in half down the middle of the bug and open out again. 
4 paper craft bugs
Pull the flap at the back out and down a little so the back of the bug sticks up. Use your finger to lightly press on the back to make it jump.
close up of a paper beetle.  close up of paper ladybird

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