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Black and white baby mobile make

A lot of the Wild Play content is for toddlers and pre-schoolers but I know that those of you with really little ones also need help to distract, play and soothe right now.
So here's a simple little make for you to put together to hopefully mesmerise your wee one for a while. Introducing our baby mobile.

click here to download the template

baby mobile template 
Simply print out the download and then follow the instructions. You can hang the images from anything that is suitable - a baby gym, an existing cot mobile, a chair arm for example, or you could make your own frame for it out of cardboard or a light weight coat hanger. PLEASE remember that if your baby can reach it and pull it, it must be safe so nothing falls on them or can hurt them.
What you need
• The print out
• Scissors
• Glue and tape
• Thread, string or wool
materials to make a mobile
 How to put it all together
 mobile template  animals cut out  animals folded
Print and cut out the animals. Fold in half.
butterfly with string  butterfly with string  animals on string
Take a piece of string, wool or thread, make a loop and stick to one side of the animal. Then glue the two sides together to trap the thread in the middle. Repeat for all of the animals.
At this stage you can then go on to tie them to a suitable hanging space of your choice. If you want to make a mobile keep reading.
mobile support  mobile support  mobile
Roll up two pieces of paper and tape together in a cross shape. Tie one animal to each end of the cross, and one in the middle. Place an extra piece of string in the middle to be able to tie up/hang securely.
baby mobile
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