Fun with numbers

Fun with numbers

Fun with numbers

This week we launched our two brand new number themed prints! A one-to-ten version and a one-to-twenty version. To celebrate, we have a special number themed download for you.

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number cards

Print out these 10 number cards, cut them out and then use them in any way that you and your little ones feel like. There's no rules, just lighthearted learning. 
Game idea...

I went exploring and I saw...

This is a bit like the memory game 'I went to the shops and I bought...' except this time instead of making up something to remember you use the cards as a prompt. This should help with number recognition of both words and the numerical as well as counting the number of animals your little one can see.
1. Shuffle the cards and place in a pile face down
2. Turn one over and one player says aloud 'I went exploring and I saw...[insert what it on the card] eg. "four turtles"
3. Next player turns over a card and places it next to the first one and says "I went exploring and I saw two kangaroos and four turtles"
4. Turn next card over and repeat the step above.
5. By the time all ten cards are face up you should have a long list of numbers and animals to read aloud.
This game is different every time you play so hopefully your child starts to recognise numbers out of sequence as well as being able to count the number of animals on the cards too.
But that's just one idea I had, I'd love to hear what other uses you might find for them at home together.
And if you'd like to see our lovely number prints click here
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