Easy bird mobiles make

Easy bird mobiles make

Easy bird mobiles make
Here's a really easy little make that you can use to add a bit of colour around the house or in a little one's bedroom. You could even make some with black and white patterned wings to hang from a baby gym for really little ones for sensory stimulation!

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 bird mobile

What you need 
• Print outs of the birds
• Glue
• Tape
• Scissors
• String or thread
• Coloured or plain paper - pens/crayons if you want to decorate
materials to make a mobile
How to make the bird mobile
cut out bird template  folded bird template 
First, cut out the bird shape, fold in half and glue the two sides together. You can then trim any excess paper to neaten the edges if you like.
Bird folded  cutting bird template  Slot in bird template
Next, gently fold the bird in half - beak to tail - but do not form a crease. With your scissors cut along the dotted line to make a slot of the wings.
bird and paper  concertina fold  concertina fold  concertina paper
Then take a separate piece of  paper. A4 is a good size but it could be smaller if you wish. Make a fold along the short edge, about 2 centimetres in. Turn the page over and make another fold the same size. Keep making folds all the way along, turning the page over between each one. You should end up with a concertina effect.
concertina paper  paper bird with wings  Paper bird with wings and string
Fold the concertina in half to make a crease. Then push it through the slot in the bird. Pull the ends of the wings so they fan out a little and using some tape, attach a piece of string or thread to the top of the bird above the wings.
paper birds  paper bird mobiles 
Repeat with the other bird templates and you have a menagerie of winged friends to play with!
You can string up at a window, decorate in black and white for sensory baby play or you could even write secret notes in the wings for someone to find.
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