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Brilliant animal bookmarks

Well I have to say I think this might be one of my personal favourites! As a big advocate of reading and books in general (I mean, they are the heart of our range) this little crafty make is a winner. Read on to find out how to make a simple animal origami bookmark.
giraffe bookmark

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Follow the instructions on how to fold below or check out this super easy video guide over on WikiHow


giraffe bookmark template  giraffe bookmark template


First cut out around the black line to form a square.


giraffe bookmark  giraffe bookmark  giraffe bookmark  

giraffe bookmark


Place the printed side face down with the animal at the top. Fold the bottom corner to meet the top corner to make a triangle. Then Fold each of the bottom corners of the triangle to the top point.



giraffe bookmark  giraffe bookmark


Unfold again to form a larger triangle. Then fold down the top point to meet the bottom fold/long edge.



giraffe bookmark  giraffe bookmark  giraffe bookmark


Take the two bottom corners again, fold up as before but this time tuck the points inside the pocket you just made. 



giraffe bookmark


It should now look like this!



giraffe bookmark  butterfly and rhino bookmarks  animal bookmarks


Carefully cut around the bottom dotted line around the animal's chin. You might find it easier to do this at the beginning before you fold or unfold to cut. repeat with the other animals and you're ready to read!




Simply pick your favourite books, slip over the corner to mark the page and pick up where you left off.



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