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Walk like an animal, talk like an animal

Have fun walking, dancing, hopping and jumping with these cute animal finger puppets.

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So easy to make you'll be up and running in no time (pun intended)
- What you need - 
• Print outs of the 2 pages of the PDF
• Scissors
Optional - cardboard, glue and colouring pens/pencils/crayons
How to make the puppets
Paper print outs of animals  Gorilla print out
First, print out the sheets of animals. You could print direct onto card here if you can or paper is fine. Cut each one out around the outside.
how to cut a circle  cutting out circles
Without making a crease, gently fold the circles in half and make a cut/slit across the diameter of each circle. You will now be able to get your scissors inside to cut around the circle edges. 
gorilla finger puppet  gorilla with fingers for legs
And you're done! Just poke your fingers through the holes and make your animal walk, dance, jump and more!
You can stick your paper cutouts onto cardboard such as an old cereal packet to make them more sturdy/less floppy if you like. And of course you can go to town decorating them!
Animal finger puppets
There's 6 different animals to try.

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