FREE e-books of all of our black and white titles

FREE e-books of all of our black and white titles

FREE e-books of all of our black and white titles
You can download these e-book versions of our black and white animal picture books on the Amazon Kindle store...but unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to make them free. I'm writing this post at just as school and nurseries are about to close due to the COVID-19 outbreak leaving parents and carers 'stuck' at home whilst undertaking social distancing and self isolation. 
So with all of that in mind I wanted to be able to give you these black and white baby books for free right now to help with a little quiet time amongst the chaos and trying to work out how we all co-exist at this moment in time. 
They're formatted for Kindle so you may have to excuse if they don't perfectly fit your tablet or phone but since they're PDF's they should work on any device!
They also have a little bonus content over the board books - these versions have a fact on each page to go with the animal illustration. 
I hope they help a little, in some way.

Download Amazing Animals of Southeast Asia

Download Spectacular Animals of Africa

Download Extraordinary Animals from the Land of Oz (Australia)

Download Brilliant Animals of Great Britain

Download Magnificent Animals from Above and Below the Ocean


asian animals ebook  African animals ebook  Australian animal ebook

British animals ebook Ocean animals ebook



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