Let's go on safari!

Let's go on safari!

Let's go on safari!
Ever wanted to go on safari in Africa? Well, now's your chance, all from the comfort of your home.
Home safari kit
What you'll need for your explorer's kit
• 2 toilet roll tubes 
• Some glue or tape
• Some crayons/colouring pencils/pens
• Some African toy animals - any you have at home will do!
Optional - print out our animals as well or instead
• Bluetack (if you're using out pictures)

Click here to download our African animal template

safari animals

How to make your binoculars 

 Toilet roll tubes and glue  Toilet roll tubes stuck together  Toilet roll tubes
Take your toilet roll tubes and attach them together to make some binoculars. You can do this with a little glue or tape, whatever you have to hand. 
Homemade binoculars  Homemade binoculars
Why not decorate your binoculars to make them extra special and personal to you?
Safari animals 
If you're using our animals, print out the A4 sheet of paper and cut out the animals.
Giraffe  zebra  lion  Rhino
Use the bluetack to stick them around the room, or in multiple rooms. Try and do this without your little ones watching so they don't know where they are!
elephant toy  Chimpanzee toy  Flamingo toy
If you have some animal toys, do the same with these, hiding them high and low around the space you've chosen to play.
Grab your binoculars and off you go! See if you can spot them all. You could also make a tick list to check off as you go and draw pictures of what you see as if you are studying them in the wild.
Idea! Do this activity outside in your garden if you have the space. Hiding the animals in the grass, trees and shrubs to make it really feel like you could be in the wild.

 List of African animals

If you're unsure of which of your animals might live in Africa, here's a list to get you started...
How many others do you know?
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