We love you Australia!

We love you Australia!

We love you Australia!

It's impossible not to have seen the devastating bushfires that have been raging since the end of 2019 across New South Wales in Australia. 

Whilst many have lost their homes, some even their lives, firefighters are working night and day against all odds to protect their fellow Australians and their country.

At times like these one often feels powerless, small and insignificant as natural powers take over. We have been lucky enough to visit Australia a number of times as well as having family and many friends there, so it is truly devastating to see what is happening. 

As well as the human cost, there is an immeasurable cost to wildlife. (Please note the link contains some difficult images to see. Open with caution) Many animals have lost their homes, many more their lives as they have perished in the fires. Professor Chris Dickman, a biodiversity expert at the University of Sydney, estimates that 480 million animals have been affected by the Australian bushfires. 

There are many donation pages set up where you can add monetary support but I also wanted to create something to add a bit of solidarity from this side of the world for you and your little ones. I'd love you to download the printable, colour it in if you'd like and stick it up somewhere prominent to show your love to the Australian people and it's wildlife. We love thy nature as much as we love thy neighbour, however many miles away, and Australia will always be our neighbour.


Click here to download the poster 

Austrlian animals colouring sheet
If you do want to donate to organisations helping people and wildlife with the bushfires here are some links:

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