Printable pairs game with British animals

Printable pairs game with British animals

Printable pairs game with British animals

Work those memory muscles with this classic game of matching pairs featuring some of our British wildlife favourites.
Simply print out both of the sheets at home, cut along the dotted lines and voila! You have 16 cards, 8 matching pairs of animals.
Tip - Print onto thick paper or card so there's no cheating! We found it possible to see the black ink though the back of paper. 

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Pairs game print outs


Print out both sheets of animals (make sure your printer isn't set to double-sided printing!)


cutting up pairs game  pairs game with british animals  Pairs game close up


Cut along all of the dotted lines to form 16 individual cards. You should have 2 cards of each animal.


pairs game cards down  playing pairs game


To play: Shuffle the cards and turn them all face down. It doesn't have to be a grid like this, any order will do! Then simply take it in turns to flip over 2 cards to see if they are a pair. If you don't find one, then it is the next player's go. 


matching pair of hedgehog images


If you do find a pair take remove them from play and keep hold of them until there are no more pairs left to find.


Then count up how many pairs you have, the player with the most pairs wins. The trick is to try and remember where the animals are each time a card is turned over.


Pairs game title

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