Small business shout out - A Little Bit Dotty

Small business shout out - A Little Bit Dotty

Small business shout out - A Little Bit Dotty
Now more than ever small businesses need as much visibility than ever! So this is a series of short (and I mean short) interviews to give you a little insight into one of our partner-sellers. Please support them with a follow, a like, a comment, a share or a purchase.
spotlight on...A Little Bit Dotty
 A Little Bit Dotty (click to visit!) by Shelley Udall

Who is in your team? 
Just me, myself and I - and my sister lurking in the background for additional support!

Where are you based?
A Little Bit Dotty is an online gift store which I run from my Hertfordshire home.

What makes the brand you’ve created unique?
A Little Bit Dotty is an online gift store for mums, babies and little ones. A marketplace full of amazing independent brands. I know that time is precious and finding that perfect gift to take to a baby shower or to your sisters' when you’re meeting the new family member can be tricky, so I’ve made it simple by bringing lots of fabulous brands together. You could say I’ve already done all of the shopping for you - all you need to do is look around and choose something from one of our collections.

What type of products do you sell?
All of the products that make up the 'dotty' collections have been carefully selected because they are either fun, practical or a bit different with the aim to help you or someone you know, navigate the wonderful, crazy journey of motherhood! With this in mind our product range is quite varied. Here is a little flavour of our product offering.

Fun slogan bags 'No rest for the with kid', baby milestone cards with a modern day twist 'Send Gin' and 'Night Out' and self-heating eye masks for the mums; cute and colourful rattles, sensory teether toys, hypoallergenic skincare and monochrome books for the babies and fun educational activity packs, nesting dolls and colour in tops for the little ones.

If you had to pick one product to sell forever what would it be?
Ooooh, that's a tricky one as I obviously love all of the products in the dotty collections. However, if you're really going to make me choose just one it would be our baby footprint kits which are available in a number of animal designs. They are such a unique take on your 'run of the mill' footprint kits which is exactly the reason why I wanted to stock the brand. I mean, what could be more adorable as a keepsake than your little ones footprints becoming one with the animal. Plus the artist is such a talent and I am slightly jealous as I can just about draw a stickman!

What’s the best part of your day?
Am I allowed to say when my boys have gone to bed and there is peace and quiet at last?

Only kidding!
I love picking my boys up from school and nursery as they genuinely look pleased to see me which doesn’t happen very often, as to them I am like a piece of furniture that’s just there all the time! When they're not demanding snacks within the first few minutes they are very animated about what’s happened, what they’ve made etc and it’s so cute.

What’s your favourite animal? I think my answer has varied over the years. When I was younger it was a dolphin as I wanted to be a dolphin trainer but that was never a practical option growing up in the countryside! I have been very fortunate on my travels over the years to go on Safari and whilst all of the wildlife is AMAZING I do love the Giraffe. They have eyelashes to die for, a cute face and are incredibly strong.

What would be your dream travel destination (when we’re all allowed out!) 
Hmmmm, tricky as there are so many wonderful places in the world BUT money no object, I would love to take the boys (husband included) to Africa and go on Safari as Africa is one of my favourite continents.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Just go for it, what’s the worst that can happen, people might say ‘No’ – such a good attitude to have towards your goals in life and business. Where did I hear this you might ask? Well from you Ruth (yes you) at a recent Mama Tribe network event and it rang true.

 Shelley and I met at a Mamatribe meet up as she mentions above where I was kindly invited to share my 'story so far' and we've been in touch ever since! We love being part of the dotty collection. 
Shelley Udall
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A Little Bit Dotty (click to visit!)

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